October the 10th, 1953… If we want to give a birth date to GOYON-CHAZEAU’s name, it would be the date of Solange CHAZEAU and Gabriel GOYON’s wedding.

Just married, the young couple combines his two family names to offer at home polishers services, to the many cutlery factories established in Thiers city area, the French capital for cutlery.

Recognized for the quality of their work, the most important cutleries entrust them their big account orders.

Thus, blade after blade, knife after knife, their activity grows ... and so does their family with the birth of their son Denis in 1956. The boy grows between blades and handles. He helps his parents and he finaly ends up being taken in turn by the knife passion. He officially joins the cutlery workshop.

In 1975 the family decides to build a small factory beside their house and creates the company Ets GOYON-CHAZEA

Some years later, Denis convinces his wife to join the company and his parents finally leave him GOYON-CHAZEAU’s management. They create the first GOYON-CHAZEAU stainless steel Laguiole knife. In 1994, he launches a fully forged range of Laguiole table knives and in 1995 introduces his first version of the Le THIERS® knife in a stainless steel forged version.

​With a small catalog, the couple participates in the first Maison & Objet trade show in Paris.

In the early 2000s, Denis returns to creation and imagines a new knife, the Styl'ver®, whose name and shape, inspired by the hand palm, will be commended by the profession.
He will further expand its range by creating pocket knives and kitchen knives.
The brand strengthens its team, extends its territory to all France and is also developing internationally.

The company welcomes the third generation in the following decade.

The daughter of Denis and Christine, Magali, starts commercial studies with the aim of taking over the family business. She helps them to develop internationally by participating in foreign trade shows.

In 2011, caught by the family aspiration, Vincent Soucille, Magali’s husband, takes the commercial development of the company.

He will be joined in 2017 by Magali who takes over from his father and becomes President of Etablissements GOYON-CHAZEAU.

​The aim? Make the family business a national and international must-have reference of the made in France knives quality!

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